Enthusiastic Scholar and Firebender


Junzo is 14 years old. He has black hair, amber eyes, fair skin and is slight of build.


Junzo is the second and youngest son of Kame and Dora. Kame was in line to govern the county of Fang’s Tail, but he is a humble man with no desire for power and he ceded the honor to his younger brother Ozim. Ozim is a good ruler, but has no descendants, leaving Tora (Junzo’s older brother and closest friend) first in line, and Junzo second.

Junzo’s foremost personality trait is his enthusiasm and love of learning. His desire for understanding and knowledge drives his actions and his curiosity is insatiable. Not surprisingly, though he is kind and generous, he has few friends who are willing to put up with his constant stream of chatter about history and mythology, and is closer with his teachers than his peers.

A distinct lack of a social life has given him plenty of time to hone his firebending. He is a proficient bender and has dabbled in martial arts as well—mostly sparring with his significantly more talented older brother.

During a vacation from school, Junzo and Tora were given the opportunity to travel with their parents on a trade mission to the Earth Kingdom. Anxious to expand his knowledge of how people live throughout the world, Junzo eagerly accepted the invitation.

However, once they reached the shores of the Earth Kingdom, Junzo was struck with an unshakable compulsion to travel west. He reasoned that this was just a stronger-than-usual urge because nothing would please him more than to get a chance to poke around in the ruins of Republic City, but nevertheless decided to abscond and try to meet up with his family later in their planned route.

Tora discovered him trying to sneak out and offered to go along. Armed with a map, they set out west.


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