Skilled firebender and overall grouch


Tora is sixteen years old, with dark (almost black) hair and dark brown eyes. His skin is pale, and he is lithe, yet muscular.


Eldest son of Dora and Kame, Tora is a highly skilled fire-bender whose fierce attitude and appetite for greatness sometimes lands him in hot water. His passion lies with competitive bending, and he wishes to make a name for himself as the greatest competitive firebender of all time. This leads to slight tension between his parents and himself, as they want him to focus more on his political duties, for he is next in line to be a Count (preceded by his uncle, Ozim)

When invited on a trip to the Earth Kingdom by his parents, Tora flat out declines, but upon seeing his younger brother Junzo’s enthusiasm for new discoveries, he reluctantly decides to tag along under the guise of wanting to see the competitive earthbending circuit. When Junzo sneaks away from his family at the chance of possibly seeing the Republic City ruins, Tora catches him in the act and appoints himself Junzo’s body guard. Loathe as he is to admit it, he would do anything for his little brother.


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